Nail Goods CollectionFrench Guide Tapes

A tape guide to assist in creating beautiful but difficult looking French nail lines. With this easy to use tape, you can achieve beautiful, professional quality French nails.
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Nail Goods Collection
pa French Guide Tapes


Nail Goods CollectionTwist Lock Dispensing Pump

A refillable bottle that dispenses the perfect amount of remover with one push. This 200ml portable push pump has a twist lock mechanism, so it won't leak in your bag. It has a wider base for better stability. Good for Acetone, Alcohol, Antiseptics, etc.
How to Use
1. Turn cap counterclockwise to unlock.
2. With a piece of cotton gently push down, to dispense the optimal amount of remover.

how to use
●Turn left to dispense. ●Turn right to lock.
・Large size, 200ml. (pa nail remover contains 115ml)
・Refillable and reusable push pump dispenser.
・Twist lock mechanism prevents evaporation, and is spill safe.

Nail Goods Collection
pa Twist Lock Dispensing Pump


Nail Goods CollectionToe Separator

Use to comfortably separate toes during pedicures.
A stylishly cute flower shaped toe separator.
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pa Toe Separator