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AB Mezical Fiber

Fiber 100strips



Wedge Deeply into the Eyelid!!Adjust the Width of the Crease

Strong adhesive and stretching fibers wedge firmly into the desired crease for natural-looking double eyelids.

Invisible transparent fiber Stretchable Fibers Stretchable!

Stretchable fibers wedge deep into the crease line. And secretly keep the adhesion all day.

RECOMMEND!Natural-looking double eyelids which do not stand out・Adjust the crease width and position・Lift droopy eyelids・Uneven Eyelids RECOMMEND


01 step01

Remove all oil, dirt, and makeup. The product must be applied directly to the clean skin.

02 step02

Find the line that will help you make double eyelids easily. Don’t get greedy with the double eyelid’s width!

03 step03

Pinch the ends of the Mezical fiber and hold tight. Slowly pull and stretch the fiber.

04 step03

Stretch the fiber to about 8cm in length, and keep it taut.

05 step03

With the Mezical Fiber pulled tightly, press down firmly the fiber to wedge deeply into the desired crease line and adhere in place.

06 step03

Cut off the excess ends with scissors.

fix step06

For finishing, press down on the inner and the outer corners of your eyes with the tip of the shaping stick, and blend fibers in along the crease.


Gently wash off with facial cleanser or face wash, and remove any adhesive residue on eyelids.

AB Mezical Fiber

Adjust the Width of the Crease

AB Mezical Fiber



  • ●When fixing a crease, use a moist cotton to gently remove the adhesive before it completely dries.
  • ●Gently remove. Forcing may cause damage to your skin.
  • ●Do a patch test before application (Inside upper arm and leave for 24hrs). Stop use if you experience redness, itching or irritation on the tested area.


  • ●Carefully observe for any allergic conditions and if there are any changes in the appearance of your skin.
  • ●Do not use on irritated skin, reddened skin, wounds, damaged skin, or if you have any irritation on eye, eyelid, or skin.
  • ●During use if you experience redness, swelling, itching, decolorization (vitiligo) or darkening on the skin, stop use and consult a physician. Continued use may cause further symptoms.
  • ●Do not use it if you have any allergic condition.
  • ●Avoid contact on the skin over eight hours. Continued use may cause irritation.
  • ●Do not wear during sleep. You may damage your skin if you rub your eyes excessively when removing them.
  • ●Keep container tightly closed when not in use, keep away from direct sunlight and avoid storing in extreme temperatures.
  • ●When using scissors and edged tools to cut the Mezical fibers, be careful not to poke and damage the skin.
  • ●Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • ●Be careful not to poke eyes with the shaping stick.
  • ●For single use only. Do not reuse.
AUTOMATIC BEAUTY Double eyelid perfection!
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