Fake Double Eyelid Liquid

Double Eyelid Cosmetics Liquid Eye Tape Automatic Beauty  Fake Double Eyelid Liquid4.5ml
Fake Double Eyelid Liquid/
※Product contains rubber latex ingredients.Do not use if you are allergic.
※Do a patch test before application (Inside upper arm, and leave for 24hrs).Stop use if you experience redness, itching, or irritation on tested area.
・Carefully observe for any allergic conditions, and if there are any changes in the appearance of your skin.・Do not use on irritated skin, reddened skin, on wounds, on damaged skin, or if you have any irritation on eye, eyelid or skin.・During use if you experience redness, swelling, itching, decolorization (vitiligo) or darkening on skin, stop use and consult a physician. Continued use may cause further symptoms.・Do not use if you have any allergic condition.・Do not wear to sleep. You may damage the skin if you rub your eyes excessively when removing.・Keep container tightly closed when not in use, keep away from direct sunlight and avoid storing in extreme temperatures.・Keep out of reach of children and pets.・Be careful not to poke eyes with shaping stick.・After use, wipe off the mouth of container with tissue paper. If any liquid on the stem inside cap hardens, use tweezers and remove to avoid any spilling.・Slight ammonia smell for quality retention. Does not affect quality.