Double Eye Tape Skinny Fit

Double Eye Tape Skinny Fit
1 Remove any oil, dirt, and makeup from eyelids. Tape must be applied directly to clear skin.
1 Find the lines that will help you make double eyelids easily. Don’t get greedy with the double eyelids’width!
1 Pinch the ends of the tape from the sheet, using the shaping stick
1 Remove the tape from the sheet by the tape end, using the tip of shaping stick. Adhere tape under the double eyelid lines you want to make.
1 Pinch the center of the release paper then gently peel off the film.
1 Use the stick to keep the double eyelid line in place and slowly open your eye.
・Pay close attention to skin condition when you use.・Do not use on irritated skin, reddened skin, on wound, on damaged skin, or if you have any irritation on eye, eyelid or skin.・During use if you experience redness, swelling, itching, decolorization (Vitiligo) or darkening on skin, stop use and consult a physician. It may cause an increase in symptoms if you continue application.・Do no use if you have any allergic condition.・Avoid contact on skin over eight hours. Continued use may cause irritation.・Do not wear to sleep. You may damage the skin if you rub your eyes excessively when removing・Keep container tightly closed when not in use, keep away from direct sunlight and avoid storing in extreme temperatures・Keep out of reach of children and pets・Be careful not to poke eyes with shaping stick.・For single use only. Do not reuse.