Double Eye Liquid

Invisible clear glue!Transforms eyes to bigger, brighter and deeper eyes!

How to Double Eye Requid

Remove any oil, dirt, and makeup from eyelids, and apply directly to clean natural skin. Foundation and any makeup can be applied to eyelid after forming double eyelid.
Create the desired crease on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick, and gently apply pressure along the line.
Apply a thin layer of Double Eye Liquid to the center area of the desired crease line.
Let dry 2-3 minutes.
Before the adhesive completely dries, gently apply pressure along the desired crease with the shaping stick. Hold in place, and slowly open your eyes.
・Do not use on irritated skin, reddened skin, on wounds, on damaged skin, or if you have any eye, eyelid, skin irritation. ・During use if you experience redness, swelling, itching, irritation or if infection occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Do not continue use if irritation persists or increases. ・Do not use if you have any allergic conditions. ・Do not apply overnight. When removing, do not rub eyes excessively. This may damage the skin. ・Keep container tightly closed when not in use, and avoid storing at extreme temperatures. ・Keep out of reach of children and pets. ・Be careful not to poke eyes with shaping stick. ・After use, wipe container rim clean and make sure lid is on tight before storing.