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EB Puff Sponge

Mess-free cheek applicator for a cute finish!

A uniquely designed shape and form to fit the curves of your cheek!
Simply pat on cheeks for a cute yet quick and easy finish.
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EB Puff Sponge
MaterialsSponge: NBR(Synthetic rubber) Outerpackage: PP

How to use

For cheeks

  • Apply a small amount of cheek gel to the wider side A.
  • Check for desired color density on the back of your hand first, then, starting at the highest point of your cheekbone, apply cheek gel along the cheekbone.

For liquid and cream foundations

  • Apply some foundation to the wider side A, and dot on larger areas such as the forehead and cheeks.
  • Spread the foundation evenly in a gentle outward motion. Then pat your skin lightly to blend.
  • Use the smaller side B for areas around the eyes and nose.