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Eyelash Curler

Designed with a perfect curve for a snug fit.
Firmly catches each lash at the root for flawless lifted and curled lashes♥
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EB Eyelash Curler

Flawless lifted and curled lashes♥ Eyelash CurlerSparkle charm included♪ Includes  2 replacement rubber pads!
EB Eyelash Curler

How to use

  • Slide the claps at the opposite end of the curler over your eyelashes and gently squeeze down until the clamps are shut.
  • For a natural look, squeeze the lashes in three segments, moving from the base towards the middle, then to the tip.
  • Wipe eyelash curler clean with tissue or dry cloth after each use.
Materials Material: Stainless steel Rubber: Sillcon rubber Outer Package: PP